Champ & Daddy Cream

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straight homemade videos where the guy has a nice ass are the BEST

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Ruff Ryder, porn star/model

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looks like somebody got the place to himself

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later Tumblr…

he is so sexy and that dick 😍😍😍😍😍

seems like the perfect match tbh..he sexier than her tho…

Quinton Hillox


> bitch, this video is giving me life😍😍😍

i have two of his videos, including this one and one of him fucking a black woman..don’t believe me?? stay tuned…

still on hiatus but since my boyfriend’s birthday begins at midnight and he’s in a good mood which means i’m in a good mood, i guess a small queue of posts won’t hurt…

i forgot how horny Tumblr makes me *slides hand in shorts*

when you get horny before a basketball game with your homeboy…

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now i know y’all didn’t think i’d just leave y’all without a parting gift, or shall i say GIFs lmao..stay tuned…



To Those ‘Bad Blogs’ I Mentioned…

Hmm, why did I even mention you in the first place? Maybe because I admired you at one point (you could have even been the other blog that inspired me to start my blog) and wanted to be cool with you but your attitude turned me away?? Seriously, how did you miss that? That’s why I said use your comprehension skills, come on I know you took high school English.

My post wasn’t a ‘college thesis’ it was my TRUTH posted to MY BLOG for MY FOLLOWERS because I didn’t wanna disappear without them knowing the big and small reasons for why I was leaving. I’m not hating on you, I was simply saying your actions effected the way I saw this site and I pointed that out as one of many reasons for me leaving (if I called you a bitch or a minion, it was to reflect the amount of respect you all show other people). That may be a ‘weak bitch move’ to you and others but I’m a human being and the point of Tumblr, a social blogging site, is to be social and to share things. This is what I meant by blogs like yours attacking the premise of Tumblr. Since when is it not okay to post what you’re feeling? I may be irrelevant to you but believe it or not you were very relevant to me for damn near the two years I’ve been on here. Blogs I follow that follow you reblog your stuff and I saw it all the time and yes it did effect me. I’m an adult and I’m not ashamed to admit that it effected me. When did it become wrong to be effected by something or someone? This is the problem and it just flew over your head. It’s fine to not care about what I’m saying and it’s fine to call me irrelevant, but at the end of the day you fail to realize that your actions can actually have an effect on someone without you knowing they do. I didn’t join Tumblr to constantly see people berating each other like animals; so much to the point that it turns me away from their very, very decent blogs that I wanted to be cool with. I joined to see if there were people who shared my interests (sex and otherwise) and you especially, adirtylilsecret, were one of the first to catch my attention when I joined (mainly because of my love for Britney Spears and Aaliyah). I also thought you’d relate to getting stuff stolen from your blog since I’ve seen your watermarked stuff constantly being reposted by other blogs and your captions removed from your posts (smh at the thieves). Call this another ‘thesis’ if you want but like I said this is my TRUTH and I refuse to hold back my TRUTH or my realness for anyone.

See how I just addressed you again? I was not mentioning you to attack you the first time or this time, it was to call for awareness and to see if you would stop to consider that you and the other blogs I mentioned were relevant to me and to other blogs who once admired you but don’t now. But I guess that point didn’t matter so go ahead and keep on with the responses and everything since I’m such a ‘weak bitch’ for being honest. I still think you have a decent blog, as I stated in the beginning of this post. I called your blog a ‘bad blog’ referring to how you treat others, not as an attack on your blog’s worthiness (another reason why comprehension is important). I’m also not singling you out, there are plenty of other blogs that have effected me that my point is also directed towards and they know who they are, which is why I felt no need to mention them.

Sorry to my followers for this long ass post and please ignore it if you’re tired of this stuff already lol. Just thought I’d clarify my statements for those ‘bad blogs’ I mentioned. I wish no one any ill will and my intentions were not to attack anyone. I’m a grown black man and I thought people would understand the importance of staying true to themselves and addressing people openly rather than ‘throwing shade’ behind their backs. With truth comes responsibility; and whether you like it or not, the things you do and say can have a very real effect on those around you.

God bless and please don’t misconstrue this one as well (I cannot get any simpler than this).

"Umm why are we giving PSA’s on taking a break. Bitch just take your break. !! Bye 😒"

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😂😂😂 like fareal bitch wrote a whole thesis statement..don’t like drama but always trying to start it.

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Like they sound like a weak bitch. You taking a break because there are blogs that are so called mean and steal. And there people getting murdered, car jacked, and god knows what. But I still manage to step outside my house just fine. Like don’t be punk.

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lilito: Thanks for proving my point by focusing on that small portion of my post, which wasn’t even the main reason; hence why it was not listed first or stated as such. It’s very telling how you zoned right in to that part. My post had absolutely nothing to do with you since we do not even follow each other. Nonetheless, you’re absolutely right; there are people getting murdered and car jacked and God knows what; so does that means it’s not okay to express the way one feels? When did it become okay to attack people for having feelings or attack them for being effected by someone’s actions? If I want to give my followers the truth for why I won’t be on my blog anymore, then that’s MY TRUTH. Who the hell are you to even attempt to deny me that? Finally, please tell me you’re not calling me a “weak bitch” and picking on my post to my followers because of my grammar. I don’t know if you’re African-American or of a mixed background, but we have a huge problem with that in our community and it would be a shame for you to further spread that ignorance. Speaking to people with basic grammar is not something only “weak bitches” do. With that aside, I admire your blog; it has a certain aesthetic that I’m sure many other bloggers find naturally appealing.


Hello to my loyal Royals (please read carefully and use your comprehension skills)

First I just want to say thank you to my loyal followers and to those of you I chat with privately. As you know, Tumblr has been tap-dancing on my last nerve for a good while so I think it is time for me to take a hiatus. No I’m not taking a hiatus from Tumblr, just this blog. For those of you who 1) are black and 2) care about the issues in our community, then come and follow me on my other blog blackconsciousness89. Warning: if you’re white (or black, some people are very self-hating) and you support white supremacy or want to preserve white privilege then it might be a bad idea to follow that blog.

Now before I go, let me explain that this hiatus will be temporary (only if my blog doesn’t get deleted) and I will return when I feel up to running this blog again. I know some of you get a lot of your content from me but there are lots of blogs like mine (many of whom are way better than mine) like the blog that inspired me to join Tumblr manuponman, or blogs that always post beautiful men (and other cool stuff) like walls0fjerichoessfitcee, sassywet, freddyskrueger, missvainqueen and talldaddy. If you really enjoy lighter skinned men, then blogs like savvyifyanasty and sexyredbones are perfect. If you just like seeing sexy brothas then you should definitely follow blogs like psycobabbleofisharazzi, thatsouthernnigga, hellyeahehitfromtheback, gotmelookin2 and sweetinnocentfreak. There are plenty of other hot non-drama blogs that I follow but those are the ones I could think of at the top of my head.

[However, if you’re looking for blogs that are rude all the time, steal your shit, are only on here to start drama with people, are childish (very childish) and will make you want to leave Tumblr; then I suggest you go follow this bitch, her new blog, her faithful minion, this thief, and this thief. You guys know I don’t throw shade because it’s stupid. If I have a problem with you then I let you know and this bitch especially knows why I have a problem with her. Either way, these types of blogs are the other reasons why I’m taking the hiatus (see why I’m not leaving Tumblr, just giving this blog a break?), I’m seriously tired of seeing their negative, hateful shit on my dashboard because good blogs that I follow reblog from those bad ones A LOT. If I called you a thief that means I caught you red-handed so you can’t even lie.] Note: I didn’t type their blog names because their blog names do not belong on my blog AT ALL, until they learn how to treat people with respect. Why should they get a free pass to be assholes? Think about it, I just post shit on here and run a drama-free blog. Is it me with the problem or is it them?

In closing, I just wanna say thanks for everything. I already had a decent sex life before I started this blog but now I’m on some other level shit with my boyfriend lol. This blog has been the perfect safe space for my sexual consciousness (thoughts that are Locked Inside my head that I simply cannot express in my personal life). That’s why I began this blog. If the time to leave it all behind is now then I will accept that if and only if my blog is deleted. If I come back from this hiatus and this blog is still here, you better believe my freaky ass will be posting again. Until then, always remember your sexuality is an important part of you. It may be simple or it may be complex, but it is a part of you. Sex is only taboo because we allow it to be. Love yourselves and love your sexuality and please try to treat others with respect. Those bad blogs I mentioned didn’t show me or other blogs respect and that’s why I said what I had to say. Come at me all you want but it won’t change the fact that you’re negative and divisive and you see Tumblr as some sick twisted competition when it doesn’t have to be that way. I feel bad for you to be honest, but I will not get into all that because this post will probably just fly under the radar anyway. And with that…

I love you guys and thank you,