new pics of freaky bi guy ;) previous posts of him here, here, here & here

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"suck my dick first, then you can smoke all the weed you want bruh" - the weed guy


class is in session…

class is still in session…



when your friend doesn’t believe you can suck his dick better than any girl..

video REPOSTED!!

over 10,000 notes..this is one of my most successful posts..tbh the video is WAY hotter than the gifs so check it out!

How are you love ?

i’m good..horny, but good…

Pls can you follow me? This is a new blog and it would mean allot to me if you followed me because I love your blogs! i promise u won't regret following me

yummy sexy blog..followed ;)


Hey man if i sent you a dick pic would it get promoted?

depends on the dick pic tbh…

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how you cum when the ass is THAT good…

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"I hope all the rumors about this doctor are fake.."

"Everything is cool, I just gotta get naked..standard procedure…"

"Okay, why did he ask me to spread eagle? The fuck…"

"Oh shit, now he touching my dick..Fuck no!"

"How the fuck I let this shit happen? Bruh…"

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straight guy i’ve been posting lately..did not know he was on tumblr: fvckmonte 

Twitter & IG: fvckmonte

Pornhub: 757hitmaker

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i heard he wants to be a straight pornstar, i wanna help him build a bigger following if he’s cool with having men and women fans…